Meet Hannah's Coaches

Lauren Chante

Hi, I’m Lauren!

I’m a former celebrity personal trainer, mom of 3, certified nutrition coach and holder of a master’s degree in Exercise Science who developed my own method of wellness coaching after a close call with developing an eating disorder.


I used to do ALL the diets, the little containers, the calorie counting apps, the meal plans and the meals packed in Tupperware.


I ran myself ragged at the gym and nearly ran my mental health and physical health in to the ground, chasing an invisible goal I didn’t even want.


Everything changed after I had kids and made myself throw up for the first time, and I found that I was going about EVERYTHING all wrong…

That’s how I created my signature method of wellness coaching.

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Emily Bowie

Hi, I’m Emily!

I am a personal finance and business strategist who’s obsessed with life hacks, DIY, saving money & living my best life. I am a wife to Lee and a mama to Sage (almost) 4 y/o, Lea 2 y/o and Wyatt 8 months.


I have been a CPA for over a decade and spent 5.5 years in Big 4 Accounting before making the switch into entrepreneurship.


Now, I teach 6-7 figure earners how to become more profitable & efficient through simple strategy and intentional structure.  In my experience, I’ve seen most women bootstrap their business and find it hard to scale without sacrifice. I created the Strategic Planning Sprint to teach you how to reflect on the facts and the feelings in your business, bridge the gap between your vision and desired income, and create a plan to simplify what has become broken or complicated.


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