What You Are Missing in Business as a Newbie

The one thing I wish I had known when I started a business was this:


Go into business to own a business, not to give yourself  20 job titles.


I’ve seen it time and time again. You want to start a business because you want the freedom to travel and live your life.


So you believe entrepreneurship is for you.

You spend your life savings getting all the fancy supplies the internet has told you are a must.

However, you don’t know that many of the tips you are reading are meant for established businesses.


You spend an obscene amount on overhead and courses from influencers. Then you work you ass off!

You get your first sale. And the next and the next. It’s a lot of work but you don’t mind because you are doing what you love, right? You are living off of the passion you breathe. 


Not too long after you find your self up late at night working on your business.

You tell yourself this is what every entrepreneur does. It’s hard work. You blink and a year has gone by of this.


You are getting tired. Exhausted actually.


You feel overwhelmed with the amount of tasks. But you can’t stop to take a break because you have clients to serve. 

If you can relate to this, you are like most entrepreneurs I’ve met. This is the route to burnout.


And the reason for it is your are working harder not smarter. You are missing are strategy in your business.

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