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High Achievers Program

High Achievers is offered virtually and 1-3 face to face visits with Hannah Scott for clients in the southern region of USA. 

Rewrite the patterns you’ve built over a lifetime that prevent you from being the person you are meant to be.

What Kind of Program is This?

High Achievers is a personalized grace filled, action oriented program that gives you a step by step process to overcome your limitations, build realistic habits, and have personal accountability to meet your goals to live a life of truth and purpose.

Achieve Clarity in Your Purpose

Reach Your Goals as a Leader

Gain Freedom in Health and Mind

Reignite Your Passion and Fun in Life

Who Should Join High Achievers?

High Achievers is for those seeking MORE out of life.


More peace, more connection, more purpose, more money, or more truth.


It’s for those who feel that fire in your belly, a yearning for change, but you don’t exactly know what or how to get the change you are seeking.

It’s for those who started from the bottom, but are rising.


High Achievers are those who refuse to freaking give up, no matter how many times you’ve been kicked down.


It’s for those who need to heal, grow, and expand.

Meet Hannah Scott

This program is a holistic experience. From a life coaching perspective this means you will be coached in matters that pertain to your mind, also on how your body responds, and how to manage both. 

 Hannah Scott has spent the good part of the last decade studying  interpersonal relations, psychology, and neurology. She applies her knowledge based on your personal needs and what you feel comfortable… Read More

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