Hannah Scott

Entrepreneur, happy-go-lucky mom, philanthropist, writer, and unshakable fighter for the underdog

“I started out as a recovering spoonie and mom of three with a burning passion to make a change, I’m proud to I have touched people all over the world with my content, courses, and coaching.”

Hannah Scott

"What Makes You Unique?"

For as long as I can remember, this question always gave me butterflies on the inside.
As a child every time I answered, it was “Wow!”s
and stunned, “That’s amazing!” would commence.
I came from a small Minnesota town in a home full with the smells of homemade bread and lilacs and the sounds of 24 kids.
Yes, you read that right.
I grew up in a biracial home of 23 siblings.
I have translucently, freckly Irish skin, yet I grew up  with rice as a staple in our home, watching movies in Spanish, and crying over insults spoken in Cebuano (a native dialect of the Phillipines).
My mom had 9 biological kids with my dad and they adopted the rest.
My childhood was a movie-like childhood in many ways. We traveled the U.S. every summer, we had a basketball court and massive pool, we owned horses, and acres up on acres of land. My parents were obviously out of the box thinkers, and it was a blast! But behind the curtains was a devastating amount of abuse.
Thus began my upward, unique journey.

Let's Talk Business

I have a background in Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Interpersonal Relations Consulting that I’ve coupled with my unusual background and unending studies on psychology, neurology, and trauma recovery to create wildly popular programs like High Achievers, Life Coach Business Build, and Inner Child Healing.


I co-owned a media and marketing company where we worked with millionaires, influencers, hotels, business owners, HGTV designers and more all over Tampa Bay.

One Thing to Know About My Strategies...

If it hasn’t been proven to give results, I don’t use it.

I don’t coach or teach anything that has not been tried and tested. My clients get results based on whole body methodologies and proven techniques.


My promise to you is that I don’t teach what I don’t practice.

I use techniques from some of the top life coaches and experts in the world like Tony Robbins, Vanessa Van Edwards, and Dr. Huberman of Stanford to help you get the results you want.


I work with individuals of all ages, races, beliefs, and backgrounds.

Personal Life and Family

Hannah is married to her best friend, Jonathan Scott.


They were coworkers and one day Jonathan’s car broke down. Hannah offered to give him a ride and became the ride of his life.


He was a wild Harley riding, adventurous soul who had a calming sense that drew Hannah in. And the rest of history. 


They are now married with 3 kids. They are conscious parents who are absolutely in love with their three little girls. The Scott family loves adventuring whether that’s taking their kids out to surf, scaling mountains, or learning how to skate board at home, they love it.

 As MD Bessel A Van Der Kolk says

“After trauma the world becomes sharply divided between those who know and those who don’t. People who have not shared the traumatic experience cannot be trusted, because they can’t understand it.”


I share this with you because I am one of the individuals who does understand it.

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