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Book Hannah Scott to speak at your next event to inspire your audience to lead with love in life and business.


Inner Child Healing

Hannah brings the gift that keeps on giving. Childhood shapes us all. This speech is the perfect amount of knowledge, depth, and actionable steps that your audience will use for years to come. Inner Child Healing is best for retreats that focus on healing, expansion, and growth.

The Body Keeps Score

Hannah brings a visceral experience to your audience like no other to allow them to FEEL how their bodies keep the score when it comes to daily stress, past trauma, and limitations. This is the holistic body understanding you want your audience to understand.

Business and Leadership

Business Without Fear

Is your audience looking to make a bigger impact, lead with bravery, or make more money? This is the talk you've been looking for. Hannah brings an exhilarating speech filled with the perfect amount of humor, truth, and to uncover the leader in any kind of human.

Financial Abundance

Overcome subconscious fears around money changes the way your audience interacts with money. You can teach members of your audience all the strategic knowledge, but they will not meet their full financial capabilities without first overcoming their fears around money. This talk is more than a mindset shift.
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